• A generous commission plan is of course something we value as much as you do.

  • When promoting BetAdonis, you are promoting a unique product, designed to increase customer life time.

  • Cooperation demands honesty. We have no hidden costs and no quirky way to count the total.

  • BetAdonis has it's license within EU which makes tax-free winnings for European citizens.

  • Our loyalty program is a part of the player`s experience. The best loyalty program ever made.

  • Support is not a cost, it's an opportunity to get a good relationship with our players.


BetAdonis benefit Revenue Share

  • 0k - 10k

    (0 - 2500 €)25%

  • 10k - 20k

    (3000 - 6000 €)30%

  • 20k - 30k

    (7000 - 10500 €)35%

  • 30k - ∞

    (12000 - ∞ €)40%

Lifelong Commissions - no hidden fees, meaning more money in your poket
Month-to-Month - No Negative Carryover
Sit back and get paid for the result

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